Nifty Nabber NN140, 140Cm

Nifty Nabber NN140, 140Cm


Durable litter picker with a strong internal metal bar, a 360° fully rotating head and a highly responsive trigger grip handle.

Robust metal bar inside

  • For extra durability and grab power.
  • Will not stretch or snap, like string mechanism on other grabbers.

Trigger Grip Handle

  • Responsive mechanism for greater comfort.
  • Made with glass-reinforced plastic for increased durability.

Rubber Claws

  • Reliable grip even with most difficult shapes.
  • Opens up to 10 cm wide and holds items up to 4,5 kg.


Rotating Head

  • Access narrow areas with 360° rotating head.
  • Locks securely every 90°.

Aluminum Shaft

  • Durable and rust-resistant. Lightweight, designed to decrease fatigue.

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In stock

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