About Us

About Us

About Us

Balaji Enterprises

The roots of Balaji Enterprises were found in Bangalore, Karnataka in the year 1999 by the Founder Mrs. Roshni Dayanand, who noticed the issue of quality being compromised due to unavailability of resources in the field of hygiene.

Professionals from different fields, have trusted Balaji Enterprise for 21 years because Balaji Enterprise is backed by industry’s top-notch products along with a promise of customer satisfaction. You can count on Balaji for- Quality, Expertise and Customer Contentment.

Our Vision is to make Hygiene, every corner of the Globe. We are happy to serve everyone by providing all cleaning, safety and hygiene quality products at the best price. Distributorship with top known worldwide brands.
We are established firm since 1999 and have been trying to bring positive difference in the environment & surroundings by maintaining hygiene and cleanliness with a establish name as “Balaji Enterprises”

Being well known in the market for many years in the name of “Balaji Enterprises”, we wanted to continue our e-commerce business under the same name.

As ‘balajieshop.com’ domain was available, we not only realised that the domain says ‘ balaji-e-commerce’ but also ‘ balaji-enterprises-shop’ And that is when we had finalised & confirmed to proceed with this domain.
Balaji E Shop
Simple maintenance can help you combat a lot of problems. At our organization we promise to deliver hygiene products, and the purpose to deliver quality is our motto.

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